The girl in the video went to a makeup artist who is rated as the worst, the reason why she still comes here despite hearing people say that this salon is bad, but she still doesn’t believe it and wants to experience it for herself.

When she entered the salon, she was put on a chair, first step she shaved her eyebrows, when the barber was done, she used coarse sandpaper to wipe it and this made her not like it at all and she said I started Start right away and regret it.

When applying powder, the artist stepped on her face with her wrist, which she didn’t like at all and considered unhygienic, when she used a sponge to apply the powder, she said she was wiping away tears his.

There were also flies flying into the makeup tools, she felt very disappointed when she walked in here. The towel the artist used to wipe her makeup was a dirty and pre-cleaned towel that stunned her.

The female artist began to share about how to apply makeup, but she did not care about it, it seemed that the makeup was too long and when the eye makeup was broken, that proved it even more.

That artist is bad. She is so frustrated and helpless by this, many say that she regrets entering this salon even though many have criticized her technique in the past. Some netizens expressed their views:

“Not even the technique. Too bad”

“It’s unhygienic, she should get out of there”

“Too bad for this”