The video re-shares the image of a girl participating in this program, with a large, muscular appearance, she easily put weights from light to heavy on the box.
the last one seemed like she had a bit of a hard time too but after that she finished it all. For a girl, this is probably a very difficult thing, because its weight is very large, she seems to be one of the few women who can do that.

“It’s crazy because it’s not a huge amount of weight is the the awkwardness of the lift that makes it so interesting takes a lot of grip and clamping
She done amazing especially stretching out to make the lift heigh enough a lot of body builders a short making this a lot harder”
“She is a strong woman, her husband must be a saint cause he can’t mess with her like other men do to their wives at home…I will do her laundry to create peace at home if she was to be my wife..”
“here we can see that a woman can do whatever makes her sure but make no mistake she can lift the stone for the man who has hurt her🤣”
“Like wtf i weigh only 67 kg en lifted beer barrels from 50 liters including te barrel it was between 60 and 65 kg🤷‍♂️ the let u do this work in the netherlands when ur like around your 20’s😅’

What are the Ardblair Stones?
The Ardblair Stones are nine reinforced concrete spheres ranging in weight from 18-152kg (40-335lbs). The stones must be loaded sequentially from lightest to heaviest onto whisky butts.
The event is judged on time and the number of stones lifted.
The Ardblair Stones feature at various events across the UK. Taking part in the Stones is FREE TO ALL.

The Ardblair Stones are named after Ardblair Castle, which is located near Blairgowrie, Perthshire in Scotland. Before the advent of The Ardblair Stones Charlie Blair Oliphant had a keen interest in strengt

h athletics which originated from watching the World’s Strongest Man on the TV as a child.
The first stones were made by Charlie in 2008. The reinforced concrete stones soon became a feature in the Castle grounds where Charlie would use them to train by lifting them onto wooden