The woman in the video is being criticized by the online community in recent days for her actions, she made an extremely crazy action when walking her 2 dogs, surprising many people.

Spraying pepper spray on the neighbor’s dog caused him to feel his eyes were badly hurt. She didn’t hesitate to spray her neighbor’s white dog in the eye when the dog stepped outside to stand near the fence and look out.

After the host called her to talk, she also justified it with extremely silly reasons and this also made many people feel uncomfortable, she was clearly wrong but still wanted to defend the wrong point of view.

That made the public criticize her even more. One lawyer said she would face the penalty imposed by the law and pay the price for that action. The lawyer further explained this and said that she was too wrong.

She caused the white dog to lose one eye and now only has one eye to see, this stupid act caused the poor dog to lose one eye and she was determined to pay the price for that action.

It deserves. Hope she gets charged and arrested for animal crimes. I feel that if you are charged and convicted for animal cruelty in this country, any cat, dog, rabbit,

ferret, bird will be automatically expelled from the offender’s home. . . . . People like this are not allowed to own animals. Some netizens criticized her, angrily commenting:

“If it was water that’s one thing but if it was really pepper spray her body would be lying on the sidewalk.”

“Who gives it the right! Only a hole knows the road has two sides”

“She has no business to disturb the dogs behind the fence…”