The girl in the video shares her story 3 years ago, she ruined someone’s photo by suddenly appearing in front of the camera when the picture was taken by this guy.

As she looks back on this photo and wonders who he has been all these years, the pictures she has taken all show this man and his actions as if he were sneaking around with her but again come back.

About 3 years ago, she did not know this guy acted like that, but when she went home to look at the photos, she discovered that in her photos, the guy appeared very clearly.

The girl couldn’t help but wonder and decided to post this video on tiktok thanks to a search. that “prove it”. And then this guy took the initiative to get to know her, the two were very happy to see each other again after 3 years.

This girl thanked everyone, the video received a lot of responses. Some people think that it was because of those photos that she and this guy sometimes became a couple.

Many comments also agreed with that idea and viewers sent their congratulations. The video, although recently posted, has received a lot of comments from

viewers about the video above, they also want to see the next parts of this story because they hope the two will get to know each other.