The video is a situation that makes the girl extremely scared when she discovers a lost baby and because of that, she feels scared so she carries the baby to find

her father.

Moments later, a man came and claimed to be the father of this child, but for some reason the child said he was scared. There are also two cases for this, one is that this father often acts in a way that makes the child feel scared and pressured to be around.

Second, this is not the father of this child and this is a kidnapper taking advantage of this to claim to be the father of this child with malice.

She was still confused as to what to do when the baby’s father came to pick her up but the baby refused to come back to her and felt scared. Some comments from netizens in support of her should report to the police for them to handle:

“If a kid comes up to you and says I’m scared and calls the police, do it, don’t wonder, just do it.”

” God, ma’am. If a child tells you they’re scared, you should 100% definitely call the police and wait with that child. “Doing your own thing” is how children die.”

“actually if a child tells you that they are scared and don’t want to go with someone then it is your duty to call the police and stay with the child until the police arrive”

But the rest of the opinions said that she should not keep the baby because she has found the father of the baby and now she has no right to keep the baby.

“Don’t ask a child if a child has been spanked. Spanking is not the law. I don’t support it, but it’s not against the law. The rest is up to you. Your parents’ business is yours. the business. . You cannot legally interfere in any transfer. Your parents don’t need your consent unless you actively witness the abuse.”

“So you kidnapped this child from its father, what do you mean???”

The video is still hotly contested about the man’s appearance but the baby refuses to return to him. Is there something wrong here?