The video shared the image at a court dealing with a guy’s act of stealing money, the girl narrated the process of knowing him and his behavior. Girl and brother
We just met through social media for 2 weeks and she trusted him to come over, and at noon when the girl was hungry and wanted to go out to get food, he wanted to stay in the room. and she went alone. After returning, she discovered that she had lost $2700 and immediately thought of the guy who took it because he knew where she had kept the cash.

One person thought it was really inappropriate for the girl to bring her new boyfriend home and be so close that she let him know where her money was.
After the video was posted, it quickly attracted a lot of attention and comments from everyone, many people thought that the girl was also at fault in this, and really This guy is wrong. But the girl blamed too much and didn’t realize she was partly to blame.

Some people’s comments:

“Such a shame of a man… stealing like he can’t work and make his own money🤦🏿‍♂️”
“Damn she gave up the cheeks and didn’t ask for no date or food and you were at her place but you still robbed her.’
“dated a man a entire 6 Mos and he stole my credit card I assume while I was sleeping and charged up 6 grand”
“Women in here acting like they don’t prefer to be treated like this lol
You choose em ladies… you chase them… you like it “

“Yeah of cours… It was not him, who did a bad thing by stealing the money… No that was totally justified because she trusted him. Obviously all her fault.”
“Makes me sad that people say it’s her fault for trusting him but it isn’t his fault for being a untrustworthy loser?”
“Victim blaming much? Sure, not smart to trust someone that soon with your money or body, however, the thief is the thief.”