On social networks, a video appeared on social media showing a man carrying his woman in the back of a car, then the two went together and caught a couple

in the same car, both dancing. leap. and very excited and enjoy the ride.

Sitting in the car with him, the girl feels very happy, but it is worth mentioning that they do not guarantee their safety, both do not wear helmets, do not use

protective gloves, do not even wear protective gloves guard , no protective device.

To have a safe trip, they must at least have enough protective gear. The video made viewers hotly debated about this, some people said that it was not possible to guarantee their own safety.

Many commenters are also concerned for their safety and if they meet the police, they will be punished for this

“Not wearing a helmet? It’s safe to get out there 💯💯”

“Don’t wear a helmet, it’s dangerous”

“Why don’t they wear hats when they drive?”