The video re-shares the image of a guy arguing with the police and his attitude is really disrespectful to the police there. It’s not clear what’s going on here but what It’s really sad, a young man is disrespecting the people on duty. After the video was posted, it quickly attracted attention and became the subject of controversy of many people, there have been many different opinions expressed.

Some people’s comments:

“I like how people always pull the race card, I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but regardless of colours if you just did what you were asked there would be less of this BS. You can voice your opinion without disrespectful, it happens everywhere but to pull the raciest card just because today society fill they have entitlement. “

“I would be so ashamed if that was my son. My son’s were raised to show respect. It’s a shame the cop can’t just arrest him.”

“I don’t know what is happening but this is so sad. Would it be a person with a ´darker´ skin, the outcome would be slightly different…”

“This has nothing to do with race, or being raised by the mother, or any other negative connotations. We don’t know what happened here but it seems to me he is standing up for the rights of others.

“Soon social breakdown will be here and then it will be another story for these cop haters. They will be crying for their mommas, because the cops won’t be coming to save them when their mouth writes a check their ass can’t cash.”

“Again white privilege!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Stop hurting and killing people of color!! Learn to treat all humans the same!! 

“Stop talking about race and it won’t be a problem. we are one people. Come on people, grow up and start acting like adults. Now I know I’m going to take a hit for what I just said, so be kind. I respect your opinions please respect mine.”