The video re-shared the image at a supermarket, a girl with her pet was walking on the elevator, at this point the girl had dropped the dog to let it run up on its own, and if the observation the engineer could see the girl and the dog were walking in the opposite direction of the elevator. It looks like the girl happened to walk like that and then let the dog down and make him run up to see how it is. This is actually pretty good. it is dangerous to travel in the opposite direction of the lift.

Escalating lifts are lifts installed according to the one-way up, one-way down standard, although the distinction is very clear, however for those who do not use lifts regularly it is very easy to be confused with the operating height of the lift.
It can be very dangerous to take the wrong direction of the month, especially for young children, but this can have very serious consequences.

It is extremely dangerous to take the elevator upside down, it is not only for small children but even for adults. It can have serious consequences if the user does not follow recommendations manufacturer’s report.
At present, most escalators are recommended not to be used by young children under 10 years of age, especially in large supermarkets, this warning is frequently issued on loudspeakers to warn them to the parents.

However, the warnings do not seem to have received the proper attention of the users when the number of children using the elevator is still many.
In order to limit the risks that may occur in no other way, the user should pay close attention, following the instructions given by the manufacturer.