Each of us is born with inherent kindness. However, due to the living environment, due to changes, we become more and more insensitive. Indifference is a cold attitude, indifferent, insensitive, not interested in everyone, everything around. In addition, insensitivity is also the insensitivity to the suffering and unhappiness of others and fellow human beings.
The video that was recently posted on social media quickly attracted a lot of attention and comments from everyone, many of whom felt embarrassed to see everyone.too indifferent to the things around him.

Specifically, in the video is an image at an indoor gymnasium, a boy has fainted while walking there, many people pass by and see
but no one came and helped him, they just stood and watched for a while and continued their work. A moment later, a man saw it and ran to check it out, then called the medical team and took it that boy goes. It can be seen that those people are really insensitive to this situation, maybe the boy is in danger and if it is a little late, no one helps, bad things can happen. out with you. People with apathy are indifferent to all pain, emotions, and do not have the heart’s vibration in front of the external environment. Unpleasant, cold attitude of people towards the lives of people Unfortunate, difficult situations need help, is a manifestation of the emotional hardness in the soul, the coldness of human love.

Some comments from people after watching the video:

“How did nobody help him left him laying there like that,should be ashamed of themselves.”
“Hope he recovered 🙏. What a sorry society we live in 😢”
“So many people just walked by this poor kid. What is wrong with society today yo scared to help a class mate you can tell he was in distress. This angers me what if it was one of them laying there and no one came to help .”

“No care In the world fuck that makes me sick hope the fella is ok”
“All those kids just walking past and NOBODY helps or yells for assistance… wow what a society we live in.. please tell me that this child is ok..”
“Imagine all that ppl an nobody cares to help that kid 😱”
“This never would have happened like this in my generation!!! This is so disgusting to see kids acting like this. I pray for that kid!!”