The video shared a picture of a drug addict and he was getting high, he was on the road and there was a car behind him, he thought he was being followed because of the car. just follow him.After a while, it looked like his rage had exploded, he stopped the car abruptly and threw a stick into the road, then got out of the car and took the stick and headed for the direction of the car behind him, he threatened the car, then left and the car behind him was now quickly moving forward to avoid undue trouble.

Scientists have studied and explained that the causes of behavior loss are caused by methamphetamine. This is a very strong, white, odorless, addictive substance.
starches can have a bitter taste and are very toxic to mental state and health.
Methamphetamine causes neurons to release large quantities of natural neurotransmitters, mainly dopamine. Or they prevent the necessary restoration.
of these neurotransmitters between neurons. As a result, the brain is flooded with dopamine in areas of the brain that control actions, control emotions, promote behavior… The scientists call this evolution the “reward system.”

Methamphetamine dissipates very quickly in the brain causing immediate and intense pleasure. However, this pleasure also disappears quickly, so users often use additional doses to “Speed drunk” with variable colors does not distinguish false images of space. For the same reason, many people take high doses in the first place, leading to quickly becoming “stubborn” in the first place after suction.

Most addicts start to try drugs out of curiosity and the “reward system” pushes for drugs to be refreshing, when they are used, it is impossible to adjust or control the behavior my behavior, too. This is the source of the violent loss of humanity before and after methamphetamine.