The video is a direct conversation between his girlfriend and him, when she started chatting, she noticed that there was a familiar green lawn behind, so

she asked him.

Because it was so unexpected, he talked about it in a different way and he said we should go check it out, after his girlfriend agreed, he filmed her saying “SYS”.

Then he asked her what it meant and she didn’t understand what it was, he said he didn’t know but maybe he’s about to see you? At this point, she somehow

understood what he was saying and guessed that he was right here hesitated, she threw the phone down and saw this surprise.

Even though her boyfriend was far away, he also came to visit her, the two hugged each other in longing and waiting. enjoyed this very much, they overcame a

lot of challenges and difficulties in geography and everything to be able to meet each other again.

“I won’t let you leave my son.”

“So sweet. Love this”

“Omg they are so pretty and super cute”