Many people shivered in horror when they saw a greedy cobra spitting up to 9 eggs because it was choking.
According to the Daily Mail, the incident happened when the cobra entered a chicken farm in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India, killing the hen and swallowing the eggs. The snake then choked and rolled on the ground.

The owner of the farm noticed something strange and invited a snake catcher to come. This person grabbed the swollen snake’s tail, jerked it so that it spit out the eggs before controlling it to take it away.

The whole incident seemed to happen in front of many people standing around, including children. In the video, children are heard counting each time the snake spits an egg out of its mouth.

According to experts, snakes often swallow whole prey, from birds, eggs, poultry, fish, frogs to lizards, before resting in one place to slowly digest all that food.

Such a meal can actually keep snakes full for quite some time. They can survive for months without food, by consuming the fat stored in their tissues.