Normally, if a customer enters the store, they will never see, or know of, a theft incident at the store. However, the opposite is true, the situation of petty theft in supermarkets happens quite often. Consecutive robberies occurred, causing confusion for convenience stores and anger in public opinion. Receiving feedback from people

Recently, a video of a girl stealing from a fashion store has angered the online community because of the sophistication of these criminals.
The security staff, after detecting the suspect customer through the camera, will split up outside the main store and follow up by pretending to shop like any other customer. The staff in the store, if they realize the incident, still work normally and smile at all customers as if nothing happened.

At that time, suspected customers were still free to shop until they finished paying for the selected items. Of course, some of the things they deliberately don’t pay for are still in their pockets, be it cosmetics, perfume or something.

They are still safe out of the door because the alarm system has been turned off to ensure safety, avoid confusion and curiosity for customers who are shopping as well as employees in the store. This system is turned off when it is certain that a petty theft is taking place. The security staff is experienced enough to know who did it on purpose and who accidentally forgot to pay.

Two security guards will follow the suspect to the parking lot and invite them back to the office to work with the evidence in hand. Suspected customers are required to present personal documents. If they ever steal here, the security team will call both the police and relatives to come and take statements. The videotape and all related documents will be handed over to the police for processing. If the guest violates the first time, the staff only writes in the record and calls the relatives to take them home.

Maybe the item the customer stole wasn’t of great value and they were released, but had a black mark on their record, or an additional black mark. All this information is updated directly on the personal profile system. Later, if they want to apply for a job anywhere, it will be difficult.
Others also commented:
“Once she leaves out the store with items she didn’t pay for it’s stealing and they can stop her,,,,, this new things is store owners tell their employees not to stop anyone bcuz they don’t want them to get hurt but it’s still stealing.”
“It’s technically not shoplifting until she exits the establishment!”