In recent days, on social networks, a video has been posted about a guy who, because he is too thin and thin, tries to change himself in a completely different way,

a stronger and healthier version of himself .

Accompanying him is his girlfriend, who works with him, cooks him meals, encourages him, and she shares that he is a caring person. Malnutrition and severe hair loss, he tries to eat right, exercise regularly and she monitors him daily.

Fortunately, after a while, he gained weight and grew his hair back, much more muscular. From a malnourished boy, he has now become a muscular and muscular young man.

His girlfriend is the biggest motivation for him to try to do this. But not everyone can do it, gaining weight is as difficult as losing it for some. Especially for people with overactive immune systems like me.

I spent two years starving to a minimum wage job and my roommate took every penny of my rent. Then continued to take them and their children to breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and left me without money or property.

Viewers appreciate his strong will when trying to eat and exercise regularly even though it will be difficult and tiring at first.

If it weren’t for the love of my life making me eat food from the state you live in, I wouldn’t eat at all. Three years later and I’m still trying to get healthy again.

“I’m also trying to stay healthy, but I can’t”

“I have the same problem, what should I do”

Many netizens commented that they still can’t do it because it’s too hard for them, but let’s see if he can do it and nothing is impossible.