This video was shared by her on social networking sites about her outfit, it is known that the girl in the video is a girl who specializes in posting videos about

her own clothes and life.

Most recently, she did a video about expressing herself in baggy clothes and then the bikini trend, she wore a very loose and comfortable long-sleeve suit outside and inside .

In this outfit is an extremely sexy and seductive bikini. When her father saw this, her father didn’t like it very much, with an expression that looked at his daughter’s clothes and felt displeased.

Although her father didn’t like it, she still wore it and took a video for everyone to see. Viewers also have many opinions about her actions, some think that she is too hot a girl with a sexy body like this, which will definitely make some guys fall in love with her body .

This image , some people argue that she shouldn’t show this in front of her father because her father won’t like it and the annoyed expression she shows when she glares makes her realize.

The video quickly attracted a lot of comments from netizens about this, who also commented on her act of wearing the costume.


“Hmm, I was tricked”