The guy in the video is a bartender and prepares dishes for guests, he is divided into shifts with a friend after the previous working period.

When the customer ordered the dish, he followed the customer’s request, after putting the ice cream in the glass and was about to add topping, but before

he could do it, the ice cream ran out and this made him angry.

Right after that he had to put it in the freezer to get the topping out, then add the sauce and put it in the mixer to mix well. Next, the strawberry jam also ran out,

he had to run in to fill the tray to add topping for the guests.

When mixing these mixtures together, the final dish is complete and the special thing about this dish is that he turns the glass upside down so that the cream inside does not spill out.

This dish needs a thick and flexible cream, what caught the attention of netizens the most was the fact that he did not clear the tray before pouring a new dish

into the tray. Many netizens have suggested that this is unhygienic:

“Filling new food in dirty cans. Can’t imagine how old food is always at the bottom. This is really disgusting.”

“Ewwww empty your damn container”

“Yo, get some clean boxes”

Viewers put health and safety first, seeing a dirty tray of rice makes the dish lose its taste a lot. In addition, customers will feel uncomfortable when they see it.