The video was shared by a driver with the image he encountered while driving on the road, he shared with the content “it’s ok just run me off road” to wish everyone Watch and comment on this situation and how it is right and wrong.

After the video was posted, it quickly attracted a lot of attention and comments from everyone, there were many opinions given to the guy.
Some people’s comments:

“I see we are back to these truck driver dash cam videos, that show way more footage at the beginning than necessary, and cut off just as things get interesting’
“Your job to merge 🤦🏼‍♂️”
“Stays in a lane that’s ending until it’s almost too late to get over when he had PLENTY of time to merge and is salty that his lane ran out and traffic didn’t stop for him.
You’re the reason everyone hates truckers. No one ran you off….you didn’t merge in time.”

“Right in the beginning he goes on the wrong side of the road doesn’t even wait for the 2nd lane to start This guy clearly should not have A CDL”
“Get over before the very end, you are the problem”
“Your lane ended, wasn’t the other drivers fault. As a professional driver you should have known that”

“Left lane huh? Know the rules of the roads, it’s your damn job. Truckers are the worst drivers out there”
“Truck on the left has the responsibility to merge. Needed to yield to through lane”
“I blame the lorry driver.’
“even truck drivers hate truck drivers”