Shame is one of the most common human emotions.This feeling is classified as a negative emotion because it results from undesirable situations and events. Shame often appears when being criticized, negatively assessed or exposed to improper behavior. In the face of this emotion, each person often admits to making mistakes and sometime when accompanied by feelings of torment, self-blame.

The feeling of shame makes us feel uneasy and causes certain stress. Therefore, this emotion is often accompanied by confusion, blushing, gaze down, crouching and a kneeling posture,
Embarrassment is a common emotion and depends on the incident. For example, when you spill drinking water or food, you get a fleeting sense of shame for causing people a nuisance.

Embarrassment is a common emotion in people’s lives and is an inevitable part in addition to feelings of sadness, boredom, joy, excitement, excitement,… However, if you are often embarrassed and this emotion to make a significant impact on your life, you need to learn how to control. Embarrassment makes you always suffer about your own mistakes, inferiority, lack of leadership and passivity in life.

Personality is one of the factors that govern how people feel about things happening around life. With people who have strong character and leadership, they will know how to control emotions negative and avoid feelings of shame, excessive sadness in the face of life situations.
It’s not easy to train a strong personality and mastery. In the process of personality training, you require perseverance and effort. Let’s start by being more confident in ourselves, learn to refuse, improve communication skills, study hard,…

Strong personalities will help you cope with life’s difficulties and challenges. At the same time, it helps you to see things in a positive and objective way, thereby overcoming the shame and the negative emotions. In addition, strength and mastery are also the keys to success in life.