The video re-shares the image of an accident that happened between a yellow car and an orange motorcycle, when the motorcycle was stopping to observe the road, the yellow car came and turned from afar towards the direction of the motorcycle standing there and accidentally collided with the motorcycle, then the vehicle continued to run, the motorcyclist followed the car to handle this.
After the video was posted, it quickly attracted a lot of attention and comments from everyone, there were many conflicting opinions about this unfortunate situation.

Some people’s comments:

“Bikers fault had he 1 not been at the far left side of lane 2 been so far out his front tire was on crossroad and three moved over when he saw getting close. Typical crotch rocket riders think they own the road no respect for other drivers”
“Regardless that the biker was in front of the line, the biker was stationary for several seconds. The other driver is solely responsible for the collision by driving without due care and attention. Biker would probably also get a citation fo (properly) failing to stop at a stop sign.”

“Bikers fault 💯. He was basically on or over the center line and like 5’ past the stop line”
“Hey Ma! Look at what I found…another punk on a bike video where he believes hes God and can do no wrong!”
“You were on the yellow line and past the white stop line, he did not cross any line you were in his way. Do the rules of driving not apply to you?”
“Bike was too far over the white line. But the car driver could have easily avoided the bike, why invite yourself into an accident ?’

“Well you Do know YOUR in the wrong ya dink learn to stop where directed and this stuff won’t happen”
“He was on the yellow line and past the stop line I don’t see anything wrong with this. 🤷‍♀️ quit riding if you can’t respect the road.’
“If he stopped behind the stop sign, he can’t clear his intersections. So he is only at fault for running the stop sign. It’s the vehicle’s fault for hitting him.”
“If u would have stopped where u should have legally, behind the white stop line nothing would have happened! Bikers fault!”