It is known that the diver in the video is a person who regularly dives and explores the creatures and special worlds located deep in the ocean, will not be

surprised when he discovers and admires the strange and beautiful things on his own the ravishing beauty of the scenery under the ocean.

However during this dive he found a car wreck that had been submerged for a long time and this was seen when the algae had grown all over the car and now.

Over time it also oxidizes and begins to not be as intact as before. He started to look around, he could see the windshield of the car had broken due to the force of the impact when it fell into the river and inside, he could see the steering wheel and seat had been blown off .

The door and trunk were closed and when he tried to pull it out it couldn’t be they were welded closed so they wouldn’t fall out. Looks like they set this to an artificial reef the car has already started to deform and no one will remember it.

It is possible that this was a traffic accident and both people and vehicles fell into the river, it is sad that such accidents still happen every year and how many years will this story be shared by the craftsmen? diving listening known but they rarely talk about it.

There are many strange and mysterious things in the deep ocean that we have not discovered yet. The video has attracted a lot of comments from netizens, with one viewer also expressing this problem with the video:

“Get their fingerprints all over the crime scene, it’s great”

” The doors have been sealed, the glass has been removed. This is probably someone’s race car.”

“No one talks about how the welding door closes lol”

“I’ll check the chest for the body…”