Hearing about the treasure makes everyone’s eyes light up and hoping for once in their life to be lucky to find some forgotten treasure underground. But it is true that “life is not like a dream, you have to wake up, brothers and sisters!”…
Recently, a TikTok account named @Tonyhuismanlp posted a video of how he searched for treasure in his garden. But the treasure was nowhere to be found, only knowing that he was able to hold his breath, cover his nose and mouth and run..

It is known that the man and his family moved into this house for 6 years, before that the previous owner also lived here for 2 years.

After 6 years of peace, recently, the man asked a plumber to check it out because the drainage system was having problems. During the inspection, the plumber accidentally discovered a wire sticking out of the grass, and the man thought that there was something valuable under the grass. Thinking about that, the man was excited. So there’s no reason why this guy should pass up the opportunity to change his life so easily. He took a shovel to the garden to dig, not forgetting to bring his phone to record a video of his treasure search process.
The video shows him using a shovel to dig in the ground and unearth “treasures”. He said: “I found a handle after digging for a while, digging a little more, I discovered a second handle. I continued to work until the concrete slab with the two handles was clearly exposed. and can be picked up easily. And you’ll never believe what I find.”

And when the concrete slab was lifted, a strong stench came out, @Tonyhuismanlp could only cover his nose and mouth and run. As it turned out, it was not a treasure containing gold and ivory, but it was… a septic tank.

@Tonyhuismanlp is not the one who built the house, but he just bought it from the old owner so he doesn’t know where the septic tank is located. That is the reason for this.

The man said: “My family didn’t know we were using a septic system. I have lived here for 6 years, the previous owner lived here for 2 years, they used to grow a vegetable bed right on the surface of the tank. who knows how long it’s been since that septic tank was cleaned.”

@Tonyhuismanlp’s hilarious TikTok video captioned “found a secret box in the ground”, has now garnered more than 5.3 million views and thousands of comments. Someone joked: “The treasure is all ‘chocolate’.”

>>>Link video : https://www.facebook.com/114622488153138