The car was seized after being chased by the police but the driver fled
Police seized a car for being uninsured after a chase in which the driver fled the scene. The car was first spotted running erratically on the A45 near Finham and was eventually found abandoned in Coventry.

Warwickshire OPU posted on Facebook: “The driver of this Audi A5 caught our attention while driving erratically on the A45 near Finham. We have completed several checks indicating No Coverage.

“We attempted to stop the vehicle on London Road near Tollbar Island. The driver failed to stop and drove straight into the Willenhall property in Coventry.

“We found the car abandoned with the key still in the lock at Middle Rise Coventry. Checking confirmed the car was not stolen but there was a strong smell of marijuana inside.

“We have completed a search of the vehicle and the results are negative. We confiscated the vehicle because it was uninsured.”
After the video was posted on social networks, it attracted the attention of the online community

Many also commented:
“Lord, the cops we ran from in high school with junk when we were piss drunk should be records.
140 down a dirt road with a everything shot front end, wire hanging from dry rotted mud tires, duct tape together shitboxes. Lol! We were them crazy rednecks kid’s think they are today.”
“What’s wrong with society.. all this video did show your parents failed parenting”