The video re-shares an image of a dog who wants to play with her owner, but it seems that she is tired and has no spirit to play with it, the dog’s earnest pleading eyes Will dogs make her shake and change her mind? You have a dog, so do you understand the dog’s expressions and their communication language? The dog can’t say the words think like a human. Understanding dog language is really not easy.

Dogs have extremely sharp eyes
Dogs’ senses are similar to those of humans and some other animals. Basically, they have 5 senses, each of which has its own distinctive and expressive features.
of dogs markedly. Basic understanding of the senses of dogs not only helps us to take care of their health and train dogs, but also to take advantage of the extraordinary abilities of this special animal. effective support for people.

Dogs have better night vision than humans. A dog’s retinal cells can focus both types of light. The bright light of the day and the dimness of the night. This is important Help dogs hunt and protect well at night. Especially in protection. The dogs did a great job. They can detect the intrusion of strangers and accurately detect the target’s locatio which mind.

Moreover, the angle of view of the dog’s eyes is very wide. Many times without turning their heads, dogs can roll their eyes in all directions, observe carefully, help react quickly and keep secrets, minimize body movements. Eye Dogs have 3 eyelids, when not necessary, just close 1 eyelid to prevent dust and still not affect the ability to see much.