In the video posted by an account about the process of a squirrel stealing people’s food bags, the squirrel was initially hiding in the bushes. Then looked around,

and this squirrel jumped on the lamp post but didn’t succeed, didn’t give up the squirrel did it a second time, but because the jumping force was too strong, the

squirrel could fall and cling to that lamp post .

The third time the squirrel was more experienced, seizing the opportunity with just one jump and finally after many failures this time the squirrel managed to climb that high lamp post.

I thought hanging up wouldn’t steal anything, but that was wrong when the squirrel stole the bag of food. The online community after watching this video,

everyone has to shake their heads at the intrigue of this squirrel, the nature of the squirrel is agile and cunning, so this makes netizens also surprised about this ,

some viewers couldn’t stop admiring this:

“This is why I now have window feeders who have had almost no problems with squirrels or chipmunks for a year”

“Yes man! Lil guy deserves all the spoils after that level of commitment.”

” Glad this squirrel found out. But wearing these isn’t right because the squirrels won’t get food. I feed all my squirrels and chipmunks. And any wild animals. Other people come around my house. You take their soil and wood and then you put this on to stop them from getting food.”

“I ordered one this year and saw the squirrels trying to line up to jump but they were wise not to. They knew I was going to throw them peanuts anyway, lol”

A neighbor’s bag of peanuts hanging in front of a lamp post made the squirrel irresistible and had to plan to destroy it before anyone noticed.