After more than a decade, Shameless season 11 marks the end of the Gallagher family on the West Coast of Chicago. Although many questions remain unanswered, hopes for a sequel are quite low. However, the ending of the story in Shameless season 11 is quite realistic and no matter what, the characters are always faced with their new choices in the future.

The Shameless series based on the British TV series of the same name, which debuted on Showtime in 2011, created a unique Gallagher family, whose members lived in the impoverished classes of society. The film does not follow a heavy direction, but instead is humorous, “dirty” situations in the survival and development life of the Gallagher children and people on the West Coast of Chicago.

Debbie Gallagher is the youngest member of the Gallagher family. As a child Debbie Gallagher was said to be good-natured but with a kind heart. However, the process of growing up, along with many events that caused her a lot of trauma, Debbie Gallagher became more harsh and corrupt.
The scene of this character’s highest price hunt is the scene when he is robbed into a shop to rob money. He tamed the robber’s gun and the trigger gun, my life couldn’t have been worse. But after the robber made him panic, at this time his psyche distorted, began to become more aggressive and jumped at the robber’s attacker, then hit the robber on the head with a coffee tree. uprising we cannot stand up.

Shameless season 11 takes the familiar characters of the Gallagher family to develop in different directions. No party can last forever and their decision to give up the common family home, seek happiness with new options, with their own family is said to be quite reasonable.

It will be hard to find a TV show that feels genuine, funny, emotional, with compelling characters like Shameless in the future. In addition to Shameless, season 11 also combines the film’s problems with the developments of the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the entire population in society.

The sequel will reveal quite a lot about the characters of the Gallagher family in Shameless season 11, the final season of the series: