The video was shared by the girl who so casually hid under the bed and pranked her boyfriend, when her boyfriend came in and lay down, she threw a slippers out in the middle of the room to make a sound the alarm, then using the phone to turn on the sound made her boyfriend very scared, then he went down to bed and decided to run out of the room, but now the girl grabbed her foot with her hand his eyes made him fall to the floor.

Maybe everyone will be scared, especially the faint-hearted and scared. After this prank, your boyfriend might be mad at you for a while.
A prank is a joke made by a subtle action or trick aimed at a particular individual, which often makes the victim feel embarrassed, confused,
angry or annoyed. The person who does the prank will be called the “prankster”. Other terms for pranks include gag, rip, jape, or shenanigan.

A prank is different from a hoax or a credibility hoax in that the victim discovers or is in the passive position of the joke, rather than trusting or delivering money or valuables other people come in. Pranks were created to make victims feel stupid, but not humiliated or bullied.

So most of the pranks will be done appears to create laughter. However, out of bounds pranks (aka cruelty) may constitute bullying, intending harassment, or self humiliation. to strengthen social relationships.