A motorist is in custody following a chase at the New Jersey Turnpike on Friday night.

State troops began chasing the vehicle near East Brunswick around 5:30pm. and took the driver to a stop at 6pm. It is not clear what prompted the chase.
The evasive driver appeared to be keeping the speed limit, but did not stop as the number of law enforcement vehicles in pursuit had increased to about a dozen.
One of the soldiers ended up driving in front of the driver while the others surrounded him on each side. The officers were able to slow down and bring the driver to a halt.

The driver almost immediately stepped out of the vehicle after stopping but gave considerable resistance when the soldiers tried to arrest him. A dog also appeared to jump out of the man’s car, creating chaos on the toll road.
There were no immediate reports of any injuries. It remains unclear why the minivan was being pursued.

After several failed attempts, police were able to get the car inside the box until the driver stopped at Exit 6 in Florence.
The soldiers approached the pickup truck with guns drawn, pointed at the vehicle. State police arrested two people.
A small dog escaped from a pickup truck during the chaos but was caught by soldiers before it ran into danger.

Few more details have been released.