Recently on social networks appeared a video about an extremely absurd incident that caused a lot of controversy, the video was recorded in a neighborhood in New York, when a man rode a motorbike but it was designed Designed as a children’s scooter, he is behind a car and in front of him is also a car.

His motorbike had just changed lanes when the car behind him braked sharply and went at a slow speed, the story would be nothing if this man broke the windshield of the driver’s car.

The impact caused the car’s glass to be broken, then the man and the motorbike ran away and the driver chased after him for a long time, because the motorbike is designed to be more compact, it ran much farther than him and in the end the glass broke and the guy still couldn’t teach the man a lesson.

Our drivers must purchase car insurance. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car or a motorbike. Bicyclists or motorcyclists are responsible for purchasing insurance if they want to go on a big road.

This will be a rampage and run away. The man on the motorcycle ran away, but the driver received a bill to repair his own windshield. There is no way to identify the license plate here.

This man’s absurdity and contempt has not yet been passed when this guy will decided to report this to the police and it would be difficult for him to get away with the crime.

Viewers were extremely upset when the man in this video made that stupid act, many people were angry that they would get out of the car and show the person his face. The man’s lesson as soon as the act of breaking the glass happened:

“Fuck, there’s a sidewalk for a reason motorcyclists think they have the right”

“Down the road you don’t have to pay gas tax”

Many people think that the motorbike he is riding belongs to the sidewalk and this road is not for that vehicle. He was wrong and even broke other people’s car windows.

“He doesn’t belong on the road”

“Slow down, he’s not even supposed to be on dae road”