The video was recorded when a guy shared a very bad thing when he was alone against 11 people and the ending was bloody, he was alone against 11 other boys and his friend also knew what the result would be when 1 against 11 people.

At first he was confident that he could walk happily but then, unable to believe it had taken a toll on his health, his eyes were punched to the point of bleeding and puffiness.

Soon after, he went to the hospital to get checked again because the bleeding didn’t stop and this made him start to feel worried, the price to pay for his hero started having something wrong when he Feeling that something was wrong with his head, the doctors rushed him for a CT scan after seeing the symptoms.

The diagnosis result was brain bleeding and brain swelling, he was completely shocked by this and couldn’t stop thinking about it in the lab. One thing that made him pay a heavy price when facing danger on his own was that he could not defeat 11 people no matter how strong.

The video makes viewers extremely uncomfortable about this guy’s heroic actions and the price he has to pay for his brain damage. Some honest opinions to share :

“Looks like you got hit once. So it’s not really going against 11 people unless of course you don’t mean to fight”

“11 boys. That means 1 smaller guy.”

“Good for you, but it’s not the final price by a pretty long shot”

“He was sent home with a box of tampons to cover the wound.”

However, many viewers were still interested in his brain when he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury:

“Humble bragging from the white knight. Put your hands together, be bold, be brave, be proud”

“I can’t stop thinking about the cougar waiting for me 🤣 omg! I hope he’s okay 🥺💕”