I’m sorry honey’ is a cold way to end time together with a woman.Can you talk to her before she gets upset? Positive feelings about meeting
her mother or what you will do together next time.

Separation is also normal for a child of this age. But gradually it grows up and matures, then it can see the moment. Not having a happy family is heartbreaking for a child of this age. Strength The suffering of a broken family is the worst thing that a couple can’t solve, sympathize with each other. This benefits broken memories. Loving each other, loving each other is a predestined, end of love If you love each other, have no feelings for each other, do not bring happiness to each other but often quarrel, you should give it make the right decision to leave that harm.

Parents are divorced, the child is the one trapped in the house home witnessed an unhappy marriage of parents. The person who adopts the child, just takes care of the child. I have a happy life like many other friends.