A homeless Austin man was set on fire during weekend protests in the state’s capital, but viewers suspected that the suspects were actually part of George Floyd’s nationwide protest.
The video, which is now spreading, is trending on Twitter, showing a man grabbing a mattress that was thrown into a fire on a street in downtown Austin, near Interstate 35.

Two people can be seen at the top of the video pulling the cushion towards the burning debris and throwing it into the fire. He could see the man chasing the couple near the fire, then he tried to grab the mattress and fell backward.
He can be heard shouting “No” and “I live here” many times in the video, originally uploaded by Infowars, a right-wing conspiracy theory website originally from Austin. He also said, “What are you doing?” to the person filming the incident.

ProPublica correspondent Jessica Huseman tweeted the video on Sunday and said the man’s name was Cale and he lived in the front of her building.

“These demonstrations are taking place on top of a homeless camp. The real houses of the people have been destroyed. I spoke to Cale this morning and he was covered in vomit and ashes,” Huseman wrote on Twitter.
KSAT contacted Huseman via email on Wednesday and she explained that: “The man who was screaming in front of the camera was Joe. The man who put out the fire on the cushion was Cale, and I talked to him. I talk to him most of the day. He lives across from my building.”