The images appearing on the wrestling floor made the audience think that they were entering the wrong psychological cinema.
In 2006, thousands of fans in the stands and millions of television viewers will never forget the RAW event of the American wrestling arena WWE. Two wrestlers Edge (male) and Lita (female) casually performed “hot scenes” right in the middle of “white day”.

This issue is imminent for this pair to celebrate their previous win, before it was broken by the legendary Rick Flair. After that, Flair was beaten by Edge and unexpectedly John Cena appeared to disrupt the couple’s fun.

Until the end many years after the “cuddle” scene of Edge and Lita made many people shy because it was no different from the “adult” movies.

16 years have passed, recently female wrestler Carmella announced that she would recreate this situation on the WWE wrestling floor. The 34-year-old female wrestler confirmed that she would have sex with her boyfriend Corey Graves, a famous wrestling expert and commentator in the US.

The beautiful wrestler revealed this when participating in the production of the reality TV show broadcast on WWE’s Youtube. The couple “talented boys and girls” are not shy when describing in detail their “room” life, which is the point that makes the couple’s clip attract a large number of viewers.

Speaking to Bleacher Report, Carmella said: “I mean, there are some things I can think of that I would enjoy doing on TV, maybe like recreating Edge and Lita.” Graves doesn’t really bring a love story to the screen, but he’s not opposed to the idea of ​​a girlfriend either.

When the girlfriend’s idea is supported by her boyfriend, it is likely that in the near future the “hot scene” of the couple at WWE will appear.