The video captures the image of a man running away from the police chase, that action of the man will cause consequences.
Hunting and hunting is a long, difficult and dangerous journey. However, criminals are also human beings, deep down they still have honesty. In parallel with the fierce pursuit, with psychological measures, using emotions and arguments to convince the subject to surrender and enjoy the leniency of the law, is also a humane feature full of humanity of the force.

Police looking for criminals. But besides that, there are still criminals with extremely dangerous behaviors, using all means to escape, oppose, protest or otherwise call it a wanted escape, which always makes it difficult for investigative agencies.
We can simply understand Wanted is to search for the accused, defendants, convicts, etc., who have fled to serve the process of investigation, trial, and judgment execution.

Currently, the law has not given a specific definition of wanted, but according to the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code 2015, it can be understood that a wanted is an order of the investigating police agency for the purpose of tracing to the subject, the accused, the person serving the sentence to locate or in the course of the crime was arrested and committed a lurking act.
When there are sufficient grounds to determine that the accused or defendants have fled or do not know where they are, the investigating agency, the Procuracy, or the Court have previously ordered the arrest of the accused or defendants for temporary detention but failed to catch them.

The investigating agency shall issue a wanted arrest decision on its own or at the request of the Procuracy or Court; in case there is no warrant to arrest the accused; If the defendant is detained for temporary detention, the investigating authority, the procuracies, or the court shall not issue an order to arrest the accused or defendant for temporary detention, but the investigating authority shall immediately issue a decision on its own or at the request of the procuracies or courts. wanted to be wanted.