The video appeared on social networks, attracting the attention of many people with images of soldiers in training.
On the tanks and a man resting next to the tank attracted the attention of many people.

Straight to sick call. I got a concussion.
This never happened to me in the Marines but it happened once when I was doing Civil War reenactment.
Am I the only one who saw he left his rifle??? shhhhh, let him have his walk of shame first. 🤣 (his battle will collect it for him.
We use to that with tanks too!😎🤣 you get two tanks side by side during bore sighting with hatches open and no CVC helmet feels like you got knocked out because of recoil everyone I knew did it once.. once…🤣😎 good times.
It may be funny…

However, all of you are now responsible for him having any hearing loss due to your failures to watch out for your fellow soldiers.
Just because he wasn’t paying attention, doesn’t give anyone the right to blow someones hearing out. Y’all just gave him a reason to collect disability.
Great bunch of leaders Y’all have…
Strike that… more like buddy fuqers.

Wouldn’t be doing that to anyone with rank.. keep wondering why Joe’s get out.
What kind of bitch ass in real artillery units can’t sleep right through the gun line firing?
Did anybody else notice he just left his rifle on the ground? Shit, you couldn’t do that when I was in the army.