The video that appeared on social media attracted the attention of many people about the actions of the policeman who pushed a man into the street and did not care about him at all. Correct me if I’m wrong but this guy have like serious brain injury from this ? This happened awhile ago i couldn’t swore he was hurt bad.

he was hurt, and being a cop, that was uncalled for, but we don’t see what they are walking too, obviously not all was shown. Me personally, wasn’t combative and if so, cuff and sit him down, no need to push him as he was apparently asking a question
Again, I am not there in the moment nor can I condone such either.
retired from the navy. Was trying to ask a question. Was knocked unconscious when he fell. Suffered a fractured skull. The senior officer stopped the other from rendering aid. It was a big deal.

And the best Oscar goes to the man who laid on ground.he did this to make cops look bad.
That’s what happens when your stupid ass walked up to a police 👮‍♀️ line hahahahaha
This guy was known as a agitator he was looking for trouble he found it! Old bastard should have stayed home .
So what Democrats going to go to prison for this bullshit nobody.

Democrats can kill people and get away with it
Just look at Ashley Babbitt a black Democrat killed her and they gave him an award
Your Government will beat you to death if you will accidentally on its way…. Police is its stick agains own people… Pay your taxes to support. it.