America’s Got Talent: Extreme judge Nikki Bella tries to keep an open mind when acting a little out of the ordinary. But the former professional WWE star had to put his feet down and get dirty when the four-member group America’s Little Sisters presented their version of wrestling involving Jell-O.

While Nikki was initially excited to see an all-female wrestling team on NBC’s competition show, she quickly realized that wasn’t the norm. Unlike traditional sport, America’s Little Sisters wrestled Jell-O instead of each other, and Nikki was not amused. In the end, Nikki, Simon Cowell and Travis Pastrana hit their red button. But instead of just letting the group get bored off the stage, the former Bella Twins decided to show them what would get them a spot in the next round.

“You know, I wouldn’t get an X if the girls could do it like me,” she said on the show. “Actually… if you want me to agree, here’s what you can do.”
After removing her earrings and jumping into the jelly-filled arena, the AGT: Extreme audience immediately stood up and started cheering on Nikki as she performed some moves with one of the team members. No wonder Travis announced Nikki the winner of the impromptu match. (Watch the clip above at the 2:55 mark.)

Although entertaining, the judges of AGT: Extreme stood by their red X. According to fans watching from home, it was the right decision. “This was a rough start, but thank God Nikki turned it around! Terry’s participation makes it even better lol,” one person wrote on YouTube. “This is only good because Nikki is really extreme… These girls… no. Well done 😂,” another added. “How disrespectful to the longest reigning Divas champion! I’m glad she showed them what’s going on,” another fan said.
On the other hand, some fans enjoyed the audition from start to finish. “Well, it’s not the best act, but it sure looks fun,” commented one follower. “I love the chaos and fun of this video 😂 And Niki still gets it!! 😍,” wrote another. “It’s great to see the judges like it… 💞,” said another.

Maybe this will encourage future wrestlers on the show to come up with more creative moves or risk taking on Nikki in the ring!

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