Nightmare Rhea Ripley turned bad this year on Judgment Day, she talks about this transition and how it benefits her, today alongside Finn Balor and the Priest Damian.

During her amazing WWE journey in NXT and in the NXT red brand Rhea Ripley has been an Impressive Face, that’s how it will be so far this year when at WrestleMania Backlash, Turn Heel joins Judgment Day Considering she’s currently forming a team, along with Damian Priest and Finn Balor have dominated Mondays and have recently been looking for trouble with Los Mysterio.
Recently, Rhea Ripley drew attention when she yelled at fans right in the stands after the match was over.

According to the video, as soon as she finished the match, she walked down to the stands. Here is a father carrying his daughter who just finished watching the game, This girl loves Rhea Ripley so she took the initiative to extend her hand to shake her hand. But unexpectedly in response to the girl’s act of admiration, Rhea Ripley showed an annoyed expression, not only saying “Dare you to touch me”
Make her timidly bring her hand back

What a bad person when even the children she doesn’t give in, but treat her with such a lousy attitude
Even when the fight is over, she is still in the emotions of the character she plays, making fans shudder at this girl’s dedication to passion.
As for playing the bad guy, in a recent interview for Inside The Ropes, Rhea Ripley commented on why she needed this change and how it benefits her, this is what she had to say on the aforementioned portal.
Los Msterio rivalry continues at the moment, they may have been defeated by Edge and Rey in Clash at the Castle but they reacted happily when Dominik betrayed them, we’ll see how this story continues how customary.

Rhea Ripley has shared her honest thoughts on intergender wrestling in WWE, naming stars from the men’s roster she’d like to face.

While intergender wrestling is rare in modern WWE, Ripley has recently been involved in a number of physical segments featuring male stars. The Judgment Day member attacked both Rey and Dominik Mysterio on several occasions in the lead-up to Dominik turning heel at Clash At The Castle.
Speaking with Cultaholic, Ripley noted that she’d love to face both the Mysterios and Edge in official matches.