A woman surnamed Gao from Hangzhou jumped out of her moving vehicle just minutes after renting the car from Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur on the afternoon of June 12.

Police received calls from passersby reporting the incident. Gao suffered multiple scratches on his body and broke his left forearm.
On its Weibo account, the company said Gao jumped out of the car due to failure to contact driver Zhang, who took a different route from the one specified on their app without telling Gao in advance. , making her worry for her safety. .

A button to call the police and mandatory route sharing functions will be introduced to ensure passenger safety.
On one of her Weibo accounts, Gao said the driver “assessed her” and tried to strike up a conversation when she got in the car. She didn’t respond but the driver kept trying to talk to her, she said.

When the driver deviated from the scheduled route, Gao immediately protested and told him to take the right route, but the driver did it again without saying a word.

Gao was scared and opened the back door slightly, asking Zhang to stop the car again. He didn’t, she said, so she jumped out and called for help.

After investigating the incident and collecting audio recordings from the vehicle, the Fuyang district government in Hangzhou said Zhang had twice deviated from the designated route. The first time he changed course and made a U-turn because Gao requested it, and the second time he did so Gao jumped out of the car.

There was a brief exchange regarding the deviation and no heated argument was recorded. Shouqi was ordered to take care of Gao’s medical treatment and those responsible in Shouqi were held accountable for the incident.

One Weibo user said there was nothing wrong with being sensitive about one’s safety, but Gao overreacted by jumping out of a moving vehicle. She should have called the police or rolled down the window for help.

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