Two Black officers and a mental health clinician said their supervisor with Buffalo police made a series of derogatory, derogatory remarks at a meeting in May and then continued. continues to maintain that by the extensive use of the N word

A Buffalo police captain told the officers she supervises that Black cops are more likely to cheat on their wives than white cops.
The captain said that she would be suspicious if she saw a Black man in her neighborhood.
She claims white police officers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder while working in black neighborhoods, but black officers do not, because they are used to violent crime than.

The captain told the Black officers that they should try to understand how black crimes justified certain acts of racism.
These claims are detailed in a lawsuit filed in federal court Monday night by two Buffalo police officers and a civilian mental health clinician. The target of the lawsuit is Captain Amber Beyer, who oversees the department’s Behavioral Health Group, a unit set up two years ago to respond to people experiencing mental health crises. The City of Buffalo and the Buffalo Police Department were also named as defendants.

The complainants are Officer Brandon Hawkins, a 15-year veteran of the division; Officer Katelynn Bolden, a six-year veteran; and mental health physician Erica Seymour, who is employed by a department contracted agency to provide mental health services.

That day, a member of the team, Officer Jason Wagstaff, showed Beyer “a viral video … of an incident in which two white police officers in another jurisdiction racistly discriminated against him.” and pulled a Negro officer (who was wearing his uniform) aside.”
After watching the video, Beyer said she saw “both sides” of the incident, according to the lawsuit.
Officers Bolden and Wagstaff protested, saying the video showed the “racist intentions” of white officers.