The heroic, 10-day battle for life in Nanjing has ended tragically, with news that the man who saved his wife from a fire in their apartment has died of burns at a local hospital in the early hours of yesterday morning.

On March 13, a fire broke out in Longfeng Jiayuan Residential Community in Yuhuatai District of Nanjing. Trapped inside, a couple found a tiny shelter from the fire where they could lean against a window frame.

But the flames drew closer and closer, consuming both of them. To save his wife, the husband hugged her tightly as she hung out the window, the window frame protecting her from further burns.
The man, surnamed Chen, clung to his wife long enough until firefighters on the scene extinguished the blaze and helped bring her back to the apartment.

After being rescued, the exhausted woman, surnamed Wang, begged them: “Save my husband first.” But the doctors tried their best, her husband could not cope with the injury and passed away at dawn yesterday, March 22.

After learning of Chen’s death, a 120 emergency doctor from the hospital’s emergency department, surnamed Liu, wrote about his feelings on social media. “The man didn’t speak clearly because he was badly injured and his respiratory tract burned, but he kept telling me: ‘Look at my wife first… Look at my wife first’,” Liu said.

This is another impetus for a struggling ordinary working family, facing huge medical costs. Because immediately after the fire, media coverage of Chen’s bravery and heroism prompted the people of Nanjing to join hands to help.

As of 19:00 yesterday, their donation has exceeded 1 million yen, reported. Wang’s second surgery was also successful.

Since the fire, Chen’s father has lived in the hospital to be with his son and daughter-in-law. He is from his hometown of Bozhou in Anhui province.

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