To get fans excited for the long-awaited fifth season of Rick and Morty, Adult Swim opened the popular American restaurant version of ‘Wendy’s’ and renamed it ‘Morty’s.

For a limited time, fans can line up for an immersive drive-thru experience that brings the dimension of Rick and Morty to us. The queue is said to be over five hours long, but fans can tune in to Rick and Morty radio, where they can listen to songs from the show while they wait.

Menus featuring all “wubba lubba grub grub” options were handed out, and restaurant-goers could choose between three options for breakfast or three options for ‘the rest of the day’. The menu also includes two limited-time only items “Rick and Morty Mixes” by Mello Yello, “portal time lemon” and “Berry JerryBoree!” However, these drinks can be purchased throughout the Wendy’s chain at participating restaurants nationwide.

Fans joined the drive-thru by driving into Rick’s 42-foot-long palate. Once inside, they can watch quirky animations designed specifically for the ride while Rick and Morty (voiced by Justin Roiland) narrate the journey. After the experience ends, fans exit through a similar dome, except this time it’s shaped like Wendy Morty herself.

This isn’t the first time creators Rick and Morty have got fans excited about food. Back in season 3, it was found that Rick was obsessed with ‘Sichuan sauce’. This sauce was made by McDonald’s in 1998 as a way to promote Disney’s release of the movie ‘Mulan’ in cinemas. However, after a sudden spike in popularity, McDoanld’s announced that they would be bringing the sauce back in a single day. Police had to be called to multiple stores across the US as hundreds of people gathered to try and get their hands on a packet of the sauce. Stores ran out quickly leaving many fans empty-handed after hours of driving. Many stores stick disclaimers on their doors to say that the sauce never arrived at their locations and that fans would have to go elsewhere if they wanted to.

Apparently, the show learned from its mistakes by only opening Wendy Morty’s at a single location in LA and allowing the drive-through operation to stay open for nearly a week so that as many fans as possible took advantage of it. enjoy the best experience.

If you want to watch season five of Rick and Morty in the UK, episodes will be released weekly on E4, and all previous seasons are available to watch on the Adult Swim website. Or, if you can’t get enough Rick and Morty content, check out more interesting articles here.