The video has attracted the response of netizens and viewers when the guy in the video challenged himself to jump in the wind to see how the strongest wind

speed would make our bodies feel.

Reportedly, he followed a request from a tiktok account to try dancing and he did. The first time he tried drinking water when jumping, he shared that he tried jumping into 95km of wind, when he jumped high, his legs couldn’t move.

He feels the wind pushing him backwards very violently, when the wind is too strong and we jump up, his legs will definitely not be able to stand.

He completed the challenge and as you can see, it was hard to move his body from the wind and he felt very heavy with it. Viewers are also interested in this issue,

many argue that if you want to move in these winds, having to take long steps without running and jumping will be very tiring. Some comments expressed

“The best way to move in these winds is to take long strides without running or jumping, you will tire very quickly”

“Hold the corner under your jacket and raise your hand to the sky to let us know how you got through”

” then he suddenly lost his wind while jumping”