In the video, a situation occurs between the truck in front and the car in the right lane, the other car in the left lane. When moving for a distance, the car in the right lane changes lanes and changes to the left lane, causing the container truck to brake sharply to avoid a collision with that car.

Many opinions also argue because of this lane change action, they think that the truck is going in the wrong lane. He caught up with the traffic on the right so fast that he couldn’t stay in the right lane in that line.

He will pass traffic, especially Bust in the right lane. However, the SUV decided it didn’t want to be overtaken by Semi and Semi didn’t deserve to overtake Semi slower in the right lane.

So, in all his ignorance, he decided to temporarily block all traffic in the left lane as the bus was currently trying to regain speed. If a pickup truck driver crashes into an SUV, that SUV is at fault.

He quickly passed the truck in the right lane. That’s the reason for the left lane. The truck is not slow, the truck is running at a good speed. The truck should run its own business there.

Those who do this should have their driver’s license revoked forever, many people wonder why the truck overtakes but the truck stays in the right lane? Because the truck accelerates when the traffic is slower than the right lane. The truck in the left lane clearly overtook the much slower vehicle in the right lane.

“This is a great example of a professional truck driver”

“When you get videos like that you need to turn them into police because that guy is endangering traffic”

“Whoever violates this will have their driver’s license revoked forever”