In the video, one or two men in black suits can be seen and these people are said to be bodyguards of the democratic party, where senior leaders meet and discuss politics, this is the highlight of the video .

This is a man in a black shirt coming out with a worried, scared attitude like something is wrong. As he ran out, he told these two bodyguards to run away lest things become complicated, this act of running made viewers extremely controversial about it.

It can be seen that this action is showing cowardice in protecting these leaders. Some argue that this causes many people to have a distorted view, thinking that these are cowards who run away before there is an emergency.

They do not perform their duties properly with their profession, which is something that makes viewers argue a lot. They ran fast and tried to get out of there as soon as possible for fear of danger, while some people followed behind.

What you see in the capital is what you should expect in a stolen election. Perhaps if politicians weren’t self-interested, they wouldn’t have to fear an uprising. The video has received a lot of controversial comments from netizens about this:

“Perhaps if the statements weren’t so selfish they wouldn’t have to fear an uprising.”

“Meanwhile, some guys are just walking in the background.”

“No, he ran past him don’t cover him and shoot him”