The five boys in the video are surprised by a strange talent that scares people more than it delights, the boys get together and start having a fun, challenging

game between these guys.

The challenge this time to see who is more talented, unique is the first white guy to show his talent to turn ordinary eyes into extremely special eyes as big as the eye that is about to fall out, making everyone surprised by that .

It was the turn of the second guy, who surprised his friends even the viewers with it. The 360-degree rotation of the shoulder and hand joints makes the viewer seem to be broken in half because it is too virtual.

The remaining three boys also showed talent, but the most impressive were still the first two. Many people believe that these talents are also very few people

can do and are not encouraged to do, the video attracts a lot of shares and comments views from the online community.

“I wonder what superpower he has in red pants 🤷 he must have turned into a bird or something 😂🤣🤦”

“You don’t want to know the first thing that comes to mind. Porn center. My fault”

“The superheroes we need but don’t deserve”