The world’s first unified and organised police force died in 1667 in the city of Paris, France under the rule of King Louis XIV.
On 12 March 1829, the world’s first uniformed police force was established in France by decree of the country, the force being called sergents de ville, meaning “city sergeant” by Gabriel-Nicolas de la Reynie.It was also in 1829 in the United Kingdom that the Urban Police Act was officially passed in London, marking the birth of a police force in conjunction with the world’s first court when it prohibited police officers from arbitrarily punishing and torturing criminals in person without having to bring criminals back to custody and through trial in court for impeachment (except in the case of crimes of fierce reprisal when caught).

Gabriel-Nicolas de la Reynie, who formed the world’s first uniformed police force.
The police have the nature of the state and the dominant class, are violent tools to help the dominant class protect its rights from the inside, different from the military to protect from the outside.

In addition, since the nature of the state is not only class but also social, the foreign police forces mainly protect the rights of the dominant class and the ruling state also has the task of protecting the rights of other social classes.
The police (English: Police, Italian: Polizia) is one of the armed forces of a state and the tyrannical tool of the government running that state.
Operating within the framework of the law with very large ordinary powers, the police have the task of ensuring social stability, order and discipline, protecting the interests of the state in society, the rights and legitimate interests of citizens.

The police are entitled to use the statutory measures and their own measures to carry out such duties.In the world, the common specific task of the police is to prevent crime in the whole country and deal with other violations of law such as traffic law, business law, criminal law…