A mother has shared an emotional video of her ‘last dance’ with her ‘beautiful’ daughter following her sudden death at the age of 4.

The baby was only 4 years old who passed away due to illness, in order to preserve the last memories with her child, the mother held her child in her arms and performed a warm, gentle dance, at the same time giving it to her child. Warm kisses, I wish you a good life in another world.

The little girl is a ‘one of a kind’ who bravely battled a number of medical issues including stage five kidney disease, liver disease, a rare genetic disorder and heart problems.

However, despite the problems she faces, the 4-year-old “never considers her medical problems to be a hindrance in her life” and is “always smiling every day”.
The dance with their daughter was done in their own house, where there were warm candlelight. The mother put on the wedding dress, made the little girl really beautiful, and the two of them were immersed in the scenery that only the two of them belonged to.
In the video, the little girl can be seen smiling and dancing in her mother’s arms.

“The sudden passing of this little girl has left us deeply saddened and devastated.” shared father

>>>Link video :https://www.facebook.com/115268588088009