In the clip, the mother went on a short trip and the sister took care of her and the ending did not miss any shots. BABY does not enjoy the toy being thrown in his face as if it were a wall by his sister, rough play then only abuse and that is abuse and there is no harm in a child that throwing objects is a mistake especially to let children be children but as adults make sure they are safe while doing so regardless CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE ALONE WITH OTHER CHILDREN THAN THEM.

I won’t leave her alone with her, the baby who doesn’t know what’s going on is just someone older than her throwing things in her face. We all know kids they do many things until they get into trouble. She only reacts because she knows she will be in trouble if the baby cries. The baby didn’t laugh or giggle when she threw them in the first place. The baby is too young to have a rough house. Seriously. I mean at least if the baby is old enough, they can come back. I’m sorry that the kids behaved like you let them my daughter have an age gap before 16 months and my eldest got the big sister roll.

My daughter was careful with her little sister because she has empathy until today looking at her at school, that’s a wonderful thing. he’s not hurting the baby, she’s playing it just afraid the baby has no injuries here. Everyone is quick to act like they’re the best parent ever. When you see as soon as she thinks she’s hurt that baby, she immediately goes to make sure it’s okay. I hope off-camera you didn’t jump down her throat for interacting with her siblings like half of these people would. I also wait and see what my baby will do to me when not in the room. But my child has learned to play with the youngest. My 10-month-old now beats my 2-year-old and 6-year-old, laughing out loud if they don’t play with him or share toys.