In the clip showing people standing in protest, the mobile policemen beat people like plastic objects. unequal country, the state does not have strict regulation. Even people who came home from work and walked through that crowd were thrown to the ground for no reason at all. But your rights end when you begin to obstruct the interests of others. Enjoy the right to be safe when driving to and from work or school or wherever you are going.

You have no right to obstruct traffic but block the road. There are laws against that and they should be eliminated immediately one way or another. if anyone help every time they see Blue Line terrorists do this and ALL have protected the person being attacked Blue Line terrorists and don’t stop until they run away with their tails stuck then they’ll get a hint we’ve got enough… around the world against the Green Line terrorists.

It’s about time they did it about clowns in blue costumes. They have terrorized the public for many years now. I fully support checking the servants and ending their terrorism. that is what we are expecting from the government and from humanity as a powerful human being trying to harm us in every way…. Without a doubt we have freedom of speech opinion and other fundamental rights but they don’t apply when there is a government ready .. in any country and that’s where we went wrong because we are still not United .. all nations now may descend before us if we unite.

If they really caught the terrorist, the racists, the people who attacked the capital, the good policemen, the people who killed innocent civilians because of the color of their skin. Living in a country under such pressure of terrorist struggle, I think it is necessary to propose a leader program to regain a peaceful, civilized country, without any struggle happening. To have a developing country.